Nothing goes as planned ; everything will break.

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Cherry, yes, I have a bone to pick with you.
Because of you, I have been watching Shameless again.
And am addicted.
Because of you — I now want to make a Lip muse, or even Fiona.
Because of you — Cherry — fuck you.
And your beautiful Mickey.

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originalbabymama said: he’s sooo beautiful ughh

outofhybrid. He issssss ohmygosh I want him.

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[4/19/14, 9:50:53 PM] mel: i just saw a cop car go through my street
[4/19/14, 9:51:00 PM] mel: this isnt a surprise to me
[4/19/14, 9:51:07 PM] ρεɴɴε.: lol i was gonna say
[4/19/14, 9:51:09 PM] mel: i seriously live in the ghetto LOL
[4/19/14, 9:51:14 PM] ρεɴɴε.: lOL
[4/19/14, 9:51:20 PM] ρεɴɴε.: WHY’D YOU SEND ME THAT MESSAGE THEN??
[4/19/14, 9:51:27 PM] mel: WHAT MESSAGE?!?!
[4/19/14, 9:51:38 PM] ρεɴɴε.: THAT IT WENT THOUGH YOUR STREET
[4/19/14, 9:51:47 PM] mel: BECAUSE I WANTED TO TELL SOMEONE
[4/19/14, 9:51:53 PM] ρεɴɴε.: LOL TELL AIMEE??
[4/19/14, 9:51:58 PM] mel: SHES NOT ON
[4/19/14, 9:52:05 PM] ρεɴɴε.: OH MAN SHE ISNT
[4/19/14, 9:52:09 PM] mel: EXACTLY
[4/19/14, 9:52:30 PM] mel: its not really ghetto
[4/19/14, 9:52:32 PM] mel: but wtf
[4/19/14, 9:52:42 PM] ρεɴɴε.: …
[4/19/14, 9:52:48 PM] ρεɴɴε.: … i hear like
[4/19/14, 9:52:50 PM] ρεɴɴε.: 4 rn tbh
[4/19/14, 9:52:52 PM] ρεɴɴε.: SHIT
[4/19/14, 9:52:54 PM] mel: SHIT
[4/19/14, 9:52:56 PM] ρεɴɴε.: CAR CRASH
[4/19/14, 9:53:05 PM] ρεɴɴε.: WAIT DID YOU FUCKING HEAR THAT
[4/19/14, 9:53:15 PM] mel: NO I DIDNT
[4/19/14, 9:53:19 PM] ρεɴɴε.: OMFG
[4/19/14, 9:53:20 PM] mel: THE COP CARS GONE NOW
[4/19/14, 9:53:22 PM] ρεɴɴε.: IMMA GO LOOK
[4/19/14, 9:53:28 PM] mel: SDFGHJK TELL ME WHASUP
[4/19/14, 9:53:31 PM] ρεɴɴε.: PKOAY I WILL
[4/19/14, 9:53:37 PM] mel: asdfghjm,
[4/19/14, 9:54:35 PM] ρεɴɴε.: I DONT SEE
[4/19/14, 9:54:36 PM] ρεɴɴε.: ANYTHING
[4/19/14, 9:54:42 PM] ρεɴɴε.: BUT THEY’RE ON MY STREET NOW

^^ melody’s && i’s life in chicago: the nutshell version [ klaus-sadisticandcareless ]

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outofhybrid. I really wanna use this Face Claim for something on Klaus, like, fuck, he’s so perfect… . . Second Younger Klaus fc? Perhaps 21 or so — .

birthrightandburden said: Math is lovely

So is murder, but then again all couples have their disagreements. 

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originalxmorality said: don’t listen to klaus, kol. u can be whoever u wanna be. #nonjudgmental older brother ftw

#don’t encourage this behavior. 


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      There will be no bee-ing in this family. This family does not bee. Or Butterfly. Or Math.

I want the K

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6: Lethal Injection.

ʟυcιғer’ѕ вυιlт veѕѕel.

There’s a consistency he’s ventured in — a considerable amount of his time had been in regards to breaking down heavens door hinges, failing thus far —. Setting his demonic minions — many were his daughters, actually, but irregardless they were under specific instructions to commence the apocalypse.

Taking a break from his — rather scheduled scenarios ; he’d taken it upon himself to do some experimentation. A curiosity still lies even in the oldest creatures — and he wasn’t regarding Klaus. No no — he’d developed an understanding for his family and his kind —. 

Dipped into his thoughts and memories, Lucifer’s found an interesting lot of acquaintances. One just so happens to be lying chained up in a metal seat — surrounded by dark dim walls, flashing traces of silver. 


❝ If it provides some comfort — my Vessels tryin’ to regain hold of this situation.❞ Much less then obvious, he’s not succeeding.
Lucifer is taking hold of a needle — perhaps a good foot long, a dark laced liquid on the insides. He studies it curiously — pursing his lips together as he squeezes some of the contents out — it nearly burning the needle from the inside out. 

❝ Demon blood — from the lowest corners of Hell — lethal, but perhaps you’ll be one to survive it.❞

He edges closer, head canting as he places the tip of the needle at her left arm, pushing her head back through strands of her hair with his free hand. 

❝ Don’t worry now — it’ll all be over, one way or another.❞