Nothing goes as planned ; everything will break.


Time to make a Chuck Bass blog, because yes. Last episode of Gossip Girl and as per usual, I need something to fill to void. 

House of the Rising Sun
Haley Reinhart

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Tag game: give us five random things about yourself & pass it on to ten of your followers.

I was tagged by imbalanceofpower a.k.a twin a.k.a my favorite klaus.

  1. I have an unnatural connection to psycopathic/socipathic/damaged muses and that worries me a bit. #mildlyconcerned.
  2. I’ve been role playing Klaus for maybe around 5 years ….? I’ve had a muse for him since the book series.
  3. A lot of people are surprised I actually got into Gossip Girl — including me. I have fallen madly and deeply in love with Chuck Bass and he is my spirit animal, except I’m not a billionare … . or sex crazed.
  4. I am thoroughly looking into moving to New York next year — I wanna live in a fast city that’s not Chicago, considering I’ve been in Chicago for most of my life and it’s time for a change. I considered New Orleans as well but, their education doesn’t measure up to New York.
  5. Melody isn’t my name ;) Just one of my many considerable nicknames because my name is foreign and for most of my school life people have given me nicknames and I guess they just stick.

tagging: whoever wants to do this because I really don’t feel like making a list.

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"Enemies with Benefits." - Blair.

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outofhybrid. Where’s the Gossip Girl fandom because I’d like to join as Chuck Brass.

"i’m somewhat offended

by your lack of biscuits” — Hannah


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patrixrch )

Your child?


You mean that drunkenly conceived abomination. Once I correct my mistake, Niklaus, I will take it upon myself to correct yours.

——— or, perhaps I will consider ridding you of the responsiblity and kill her soon, prevent you from ruining her.

That drunkenly conceived abomination was born t’a more love than any livin’ being on this bloody fuckin’ forsaken planet. 
She’s acquired more affection and want from her family than you’ve eva’h given the children you conceived with purpose.

Elijah - Rebekah - Hayley - even Marcel - welcomed her t’a the living with open arms an’ protection.

No — Mikael — you will not be riddin’ my daughter. She will be given everything you’ve deprived my siblings and I from.

You are not welcome — you have never been welcome — not by even your blood children. Not by even your wife. 

I was not your mistake, Mikael. My blood does not course your veins an’ I can promise you that those whose blood contains yours dread it from the very depth ov’ their core. 

That family stands by me — an’ you’ve hated that bit —. You weren’t mourned last when I’ve killed you. An’ you’ll be treated like nothin’ but road kill, an’ even tha’s too good for your standard. 

                                               You’ve raised an army against you. 

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You are either very brave or downright stupid showing up here——— boy.

Consider it a gesture ov’ both. 

Bu’ when someone threatens my child — a parent treads all grounds to ensure safety. 

Though I don’t expect you t’a fully understand that assessment. 


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omg I haven’t talked to you in months.
hi honey how are you~?! 8D.

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/snuggles under the blanket

hi other mel, oh nothing much just procrastinating sleep. you?

:: snuggles and kisses your cheek. ::

quite literally, the same thing~!

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