Nothing goes as planned ; everything will break.

when ur muse is just so in love with another muse that it’s ridiculous


You’d think by now I’d learned that waiting until the last minute to do your assignments isn’t such a good idea.


You’d think. 

But naaaaaah.

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"Do you ever just go — whoa — your muse is over a thousand years old. You know what that means? Klaus has been a dick for over a thousand years." — Aimee.

   skype shenanigans   

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outofhybrid. does anyone know where the full promo for this can be found?

   outofhybrid.      [ because KOL ]   

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"I hate people generally, but I like people individually."

introverts  (via enticingmalign)

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How to piss of your family, by Klaus “Mikaelson.” 

2. Set loose a heard of horrendous ostriches in their room.

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hand you the spork of power. use it wisely.

I’ll be sure t’a use it wisely.

An’ give it to a herd ov’ genetically engineered man-eating butterflies.

Because beauty kills an’ it’s ‘bout bloody time you insulting lot understood that.

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How to piss off your family, by Klaus “Mikaelson.” 

1. Publicly murder their love interests.

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 ❛ — once you have the decency to change clothes.
   that top hasn’t been in style since…well since you
   were born most likely. the tackiness is blinding. ❜ — Katherine.

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