Nothing goes as planned ; everything will break.

:: peeks in to stare at you all — roaming around on the dashboard, when you should be in school. Unless you’re an adult, in college with a groovy schedule, or just plain finished with education and is an independent lucky motha’h fuck’ah. Or other. But still stares at you all regardless. ::

I see you ——.

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"I hate people generally, but I like people individually."

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How to piss of your family, by Klaus “Mikaelson.” 

2. Set loose a heard of horrendous ostriches in their room.

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hand you the spork of power. use it wisely.

I’ll be sure t’a use it wisely.

An’ give it to a herd ov’ genetically engineered man-eating butterflies.

Because beauty kills an’ it’s ‘bout bloody time you insulting lot understood that.

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How to piss off your family, by Klaus “Mikaelson.” 

1. Publicly murder their love interests.

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 ❛ — once you have the decency to change clothes.
   that top hasn’t been in style since…well since you
   were born most likely. the tackiness is blinding. ❜ — Katherine.

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howlofahale )

[ Reply; A sucking of his teeth. ]

And, what is there to talk about when she’s explained everything? I seriously have nothing to discuss.

[ He stirred the alcohol in his cup, keeping shit about Lydia. About his brother. Betraying his friends, everything. Rob can’t turn to anyone. The boy just wants to make everything right.

Why is it so hard playing a good guy? ]

She hasn’t. 
I’ve been informed of some events — but not as much detail as I’d have proffered. 

I’d much rather hear from you, either way.

( he takes a quick drink from his glass, then sets it on the table. He leans forward some, his eyes searching for the others. )

'm not gon' force you to talk, Robyn Hale, an' I a'ways give you any requested space, voluntary or involuntary or my part.

But I’m giving you the option to talk to someone who will listen without judgement. 


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howlofahale )

[ A full bottle, plus the bottle that’s half way finished, he stared at them both for a quick second and then poured himself a glass.

Robyn sat down with Niklaus, shrugging before taking a quick gulp. ]

A, lot. More than that bottle you have and I’m finishing up. But so far, I can talk alright for now.

( He reaches for the bottle, pouring himself a generous sum, then replacing the empty air in Robyn’s cup.
Leaning back, glass in hand, he leans it against his lower lips, and beneath his breath he asks calmly, )

—— allow me rephrase that — how much d’you think you’ll need to tell me what’s goin’ on?

( straightforward. )

I spoke to Lydia, today.


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   ❝ Well, what do I this pleasure? ❞ Her ‘thank you' for his 
   sentiment comes in the form of a smile, married to a 
   voluntary cant of her head with the motion of his hand. 
   Reaching with her palm, she pulls his head toward her 
   with her own grip to the back of his head and embraces 
   him tightly. ❝ Hi… ❞ 

ʟυcιғer’ѕ вυιlт veѕѕel.

He settles his forehead against hers, leaning t”wards the other,
pressing a partial weight of his unto hers. His eyes gloss over 
hers, lips remain intact in a dim straight line, the corners just
slightly lifting. 

It came easier to her — these forms of affections. In these forms of bodies.

On Lucifer’s end — he’s recalling more on his vessels memory
and mirroring some of his past actions with companions. 

"Mnn - hello."